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[The following are excerpts from “The Ministry of the Harp and Bowl – The Connection between Prayer and Worship”]

1 Chronicles 29:20

“And David said to all the congregation, Now bless the Lord your God. And all the congregation blessed the Lord God of their fathers, and bowed down their heads, and worshipped the Lord, and the king.”

Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of the Lord.  I want to introduce you to something new; yet it is something that you have heard over and over again. There is a critical form of worship that I want to discuss with you that I believe will extend our worship into another realm and dimension.

It is imperative that as we move deeper into the realm of prayer and intercession that we come to a working knowledge of worship.  Many have touched the surface of worship but need to be released into a more progressive and more productive form of worship.

A working knowledge of God is needed in order to come to that place where God is pleased. It is needed to see the level of breakthrough necessary to live the life that God has called us to. It is through our worship, that we are able to see God in ways that are not revealed to us through others means.

This truth was released to me as I was preparing this message, “Surface worship will produce surface revelations.” Because of where God is taking you, you will need to walk in a different revelation of Him.  This will come through a different level of worship.  This is a crucial time because it is a confirming season for all of us. It is vital that you be able to go deeper in your worship of the Lord.

At the age of 16, many have what are called sweet sixteen parties, which marks the coming of age for a boy or girl. This is the point at which a transition is made into adulthood. Gifts are bestowed upon the one who is making the transition. We need to grasp this because, gifts are coming to us as well.  As you mature in your relationship with the Lord, and grow in prayer and worship, God will bestow greater revelation with gifts to you for the next phase of your walk with Him.

This is a confirming season for many which means there will be many confirming signs and wonders. God is going to verify the promises He has made in your life.  But though these promises in God are always “yes and amen”, there are still the requirements necessary to receive them.  It’s just like when you have a prerequisite in school.  You can’t take certain classes without having first taken the prerequisite.  So, it is in this season with what God is doing.  Surface worship will keep you at your surface blessings. Deeper worship will take you to deeper blessings.  Jesus is clear in discussing the different impact of levels of prayer in your life and ministry.  Look at what He told the disciples about the boy with the demon they couldn’t cast out.  He told them they could not because the ability to cast out required a different kind of prayer and fasting.  What is being held up in your life because you are not entering into a different kind of prayer and worship?

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